Holiday Fractals

Occupy Math understands that many of you have had a difficult week. For students and teachers it is the the end of the semester, many of us have just a bit of shopping to do, and in Occupy Math’s part of Canada, we are having torrential December rain and heavy fog. Not the usual routine. This sounds like a time to keep things light. Calling back to an earlier post on fractals, Occupy Math has made a few holiday decorations of the fractal persuasion.

Occupy Math tried to use color schemes from several holidays that are near the winter solstice.

Go ahead and click on the images to get larger versions of the pictures.


There are several sorts of fractals above. All of them are explained somewhere in Occupy Math’s fractal taxonomy. The holiday fractals include Newton’s method fractals, Julia sets, and generalized Sierpinski fractals. We’ve seen the Newton’s method fractals before at Occupy Math as biomorphs. Since the weather is not generating any snow for the holidays, Occupy Math also wishes to direct your attention to a few snow flakes.

The fractal taxonomy has hundreds of fractal images and some explanations of where they come from.

We will do a future post on the fractal taxonomy web site – it ís very 90’s but has lots of images of sorts that are unknown elsewhere. Occupy Math relieves stress by inventing new types of fractals, like the one below (a Celtic Knot fractal). If you have a type of fractal you would like to see, comment or tweet and Occupy Math will look into it.

Celtic Knot Fractal

Enjoy the holidays!
I hope to see you here again,
Daniel Ashlock,
University of Guelph,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics


5 thoughts on “Holiday Fractals

    1. I had not seen that – an excellent site with physical (as opposed to our virtual) method of creating holiday images. In case anyone was curious – Occupy Math would be happy to have the images used on Christmas Cards.


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