Image of the Week #82

This week we look back at the great-tree region of the fourth order Mandelbrot set under quadrant convergence.IOTW


More math evolution is good at!

CorridorsIn Evolution Can Do Math That People Can’t, Occupy Math showed how to use digital evolution to create a self-limiting type of cellular automaton (apoptotic cellular automata) that are pretty to look at. These cellular automata also have their own mathematical version of “genetic material” that could be used in breeding experiments — one of which appears in the post. This work is a combination of mathematics with theoretical biology. In this post, Occupy Math will look at Cavern Automata which are used for gamining maps. A picture made with one of these automata appears at the top of the post. The rule that specifies how to make pictures like the one above was evolved, just like the rules for the pretty pictures in the earlier post.

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Image of the Week #78

This week the image is drawn from the 2-3-2 Mandelbrot set, a fractal generated by applying the squared and cubed Mandelbrot iterators in the pattern 2-3-2-2-3-2-2-3-2-etc.  Some parts of this set are pretty irregular, others look like slightly different versions of the ordinary squared set.  This image is a Minibrot with the classical squared shape but a moderately odd surrounding texture.  IOTW


Images of the Week #77

In this post Occupy Math is trotting out some classic Newton’s method fractals each of which evokes some animal.  There are four so some scrolling may be needed.


Jewel Butterfly
Pterodactyl Arch
Spider God


Flock of Bats