Fixing Elections while Mocking Math


This is a picture of Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef of the current Government of Canada from a CBC Story. Her job is empowering Canadians to have their say about our democracy. What she is doing in this picture is mocking a simple formula for measuring the fairness of an election. This formula appeared in a report on electoral reform in Canada. This is not her job. This is the opposite of her job. When an expert panel is convened to advise the citizens and government of their options to make elections more nearly fair, mocking the options (other than the one that let you win the last election) is malfeasance, fraud, and betrayal of duty. This is triply so in an official in charge of enhancing fairness.

No-one should mock an attempt to measure fairness. Mocking it by exploiting fear of math is especially vile.

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What is a fractal anyhow?

One of Occupy Math’s readers said that a friend of hers, who has seen Occupy Math’s fractals both in the blog and on Facebook, asked her what a fractal is. She tried to explain, but found it a bit difficult. This is because it is a bit difficult to explain, but Occupy Math will take a shot at it in today’s post. The actual answer is simple.

A fractal is an object with a fractional number of dimensions.

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